Is she bisexual?

My girlfriend is one of the hottest girls that I have ever met and I love her to bits. The fact that she works for Tower Bridge escorts does not bother me at all. As a matter of fact, it turns me on massively and she knows that. The other day my girlfriend was telling me that she is thinking about duo dating with one of the other girls at the agency. Her boss had asked her if she wanted to as many of the gents wanted her in on a duo date. I was a bit surprised, and started to wonder if she was bisexual.


We had a little chat about it, and my girlfriend said that she was not sure if she was bisexual, but she wanted to try. She has spent some time with the girl that she was supposed to be duo dating with at Tower Bridge escorts. To be honest, she said that she had really hit it off with her friend from the agency and they had a good time together. She wanted to know if I was okay with her duo dating with her friend from the agency.


Tower Bridge escorts
Tower Bridge escorts

At first, it felt a bit funny that my girlfriend was going to duo date, but then I realized that my girlfriend is attractive to a lot of ladies as well. One of the girls who works in my office is bisexual and she is always telling my how sexy my girlfriend is when she comes into the office. I have not told her that my girlfriend works for Tower Bridge escorts, but I might just do that one day. Unlike most other guys I think I can handle it and I am secretly proud to have a girlfriend who works for one of leading escorts service in London.


I don’t understand why so many men have a problem with their girlfriends working for escorts services. My girlfriend was really honest with me and told me that she worked for Tower Bridge escorts straight away. I was honest with her and told her that I had dated escorts in the past. Now I think that I have the best of both worlds. However, lots of the girls at the agency have relationship problem and find it hard to hang onto boyfriends.


Looking at the situation, I don’t think it is the girls’ fault. Often it is down to their boyfriend that cannot handle the fact that their hot girlfriends work for Tower Bridge escorts. Many of the guys would probably love to date them as escorts, so why can they not be boyfriends to the girls? I find that really hard to figure out. After all, it is not like the girls are prostitutes and stand on street corner. I love my girlfriend and I will continue to appreciate her for what she does for me, and the special person she is. Perhaps it is time that guys other there got to know escorts as people before they say no to being their boyfriends.