How to know you are past a career in escorting

I had been with East Ham escorts for about five years when I realised that it might be time to do something else. Yes, I had enjoyed my escorts career but sometimes you feel that you are living in an alternative universe. You are always nights, and only wake up early in the afternoon. It […]

Talking about your true sexual nature

Can you talk to your partner about your true sexual nature? There are some who say that we don’t show are true sexual nature to the ones that we are closest true. I have been working for Bond Street escorts for about three years now, and I think that it is true. So many […]

I am now his career!

    I left Stansted Escorts to be with this rather wonderful guy, but he ended up getting really sick. Now I feel that am just his career and cannot do anything. I would love to leave him, but even the thought of that is making me feel guilty. What the future is for us, […]

How to Make Magic on Your Desk with Feng shui

I left when one of my friends told me about the power of Feng shui, but I decided to give it a try anyway at my East London escorts apartment. It sounded like a fun idea, and I thought that if I started to apply the techniques on a small scale first of all, […]

The best age for sexual satisfaction

  London escorts say that many over the age of 50 do not enjoy their sex life as much as they should. As we age our bodies change, and we may start looking and feeling a bit different, however London escorts say that this should never stop anybody from having sex once they hit 50.London […]

Can I look after you tonight?

When was the last time you had a delightful blonde looking after you? From what I have heard, you have been to busy lately to let a girl look after you. Shame on you, don’t you know that you should make sure that you get your priorities right… Don’t worry, I know what it is […]

Wood Green companion and how i woe them

I really appreciate courting Wood Green companions like¬† and I have actually also begun to fantasize about all of them. Several of the hottest escorts in Wood Green turn up in my goals and also I just cannot create all of them leave. They only seems to become certainly there to keep. I don’t know […]

An American escorts in Bond Street

I have always wanted to be a London escort, so when I got the chance to work for a Bond Street escorts agency, I jumped at it. The truth is that a lot of American girls who work as escorts in the States would love to have a chance to work as a London escort. […]

Desires of Woodford escorts

There are several reasons why humans keep feeling the need to pair themselves on long term relationships. Some of those reasons can be merely biological, and some may have deep psychological implications. Maybe to have a family, to leave a legacy after they are not in this world anymore, or to feel protected. Sometimes someone […]

Why Do Men Think Dick Size Matters?

All of the guys that I date at London escorts seem to be obsessed by the size of their dicks. To be honest, it is not only my dates at London escorts who are concerned about the size of their dicks. Most of the boyfriends that I have dated have been obsessed by them. The […]