An American escorts in Bond Street
Posted on: January 26, 2017, by : moodarea

I have always wanted to be a London escort, so when I got the chance to work for a Bond Street escorts agency, I jumped at it. The truth is that a lot of American girls who work as escorts in the States would love to have a chance to work as a London escort. After all, we hear so much about London escorts from guys who have been to London and dated them. Dating in the US, and working as an escort, is a totally different experience from working as an escorts in London. There is so much to being a London girl, and I really know that I have a lot to learn.


Girls like Bond Street escorts of are very different from American escorts. We are sort of super raunchy, and perhaps try to be a bit too full on. The truth is that the hot ladies of Bond Street have a lot to teach us. In a way I feel like a spy, and I am spying for my agency. This is not so but in a way I would like to learn what it is like to work for a top class London agency and get to be a hot London girl.

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Bond Street escorts seem to be the perfect blend of sexiness and sophisticated lady. The dates they have, or gents that they date in Bond Street speak, are so different from the dates that I used to get back home in New York. Back home I dated a lot of the local guy who had just made a lot of money. They were nothing like the gents who date in Bond Street on a very day basis. Some of these guys are just as “posh” as the girls and I even recognize some of them. Of course, a Bond Street escort has to learn how to be discreet.


Discretion was my first lesson when I joined Bond Street escorts. These girls don’t even talk about their dates among themselves. They may refer to Mr. X, or somebody by their first name, but they never sort of spell it out. Back home in New York we used to talk about, but the working practice here is totally different. The Madame at the agency, can’t believe there are still madams here in London, told me that I mustn’t speak to anybody about my dates. I haven’t and I think this is one of the reasons I have been able to build up so many regulars.


You can earn some serious money if you do this job right here in London. I am trying to learn as much as I can from senior Bond Street escorts. It isn’t easy as they kind of don’t want to share what they know. Many of the girls don’t even want to talk about where they buy their lingerie, and I find that really strange. Still, they are perfect in every way, and I have really had to buck my ideas up. If I want to make it as an elite escort in London, I will really have to change.

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