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‘Distasteful’ penis size argument ‘most likely wrong’ in Florida case … – New Zealand Herald

New York Post
'Distasteful' penis size argument 'most likely wrong' in Florida case …
New Zealand Herald
Lawyers for a Florida man accused of murder have acknowledged they always knew the size of their client's penis did not cause his girlfriend to choke and die.
Lawyer admits size never mattered in big-penis murder trial | New …New York Post

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Lawyer admits size never mattered in big-penis murder trial – New York Post

New York Post
Lawyer admits size never mattered in big-penis murder trial
New York Post
Lawyers for the Florida man acquitted in his girlfriend's murder Monday initially presented the improbable argument that she choked to death performing oral sex, but have since acknowledged they always knew that their client's supposedly big penis did
'Distasteful' penis size argument 'most likely wrong' in Florida caseNew Zealand Herald

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I am now his career!



I left Stansted Escorts to be with this rather wonderful guy, but he ended up getting really sick. Now I feel that am just his career and cannot do anything. I would love to leave him, but even the thought of that is making me feel guilty. What the future is for us, I don’t know but I do feel that I don’t have very much of a life anymore. It is just like the rug has been pulled from underneath me.


At the moment, he is so sick that he has to war a catheter all of the time. Just before Christmas he had some sort of cardiac problem and ended up in hospital for about two weeks. After that, he started to have problems going for a pee, and in the end he couldn’t. It turned out that he had prostates which is an infection of the prostate. It was so large that he could not pee. Like I say to my friends at Stansted Escorts, living with a guy with a catheter is not a lot of fun.


He also hates it when I want to go out. I do need some space and time to myself, but he wants me to account for very minute. That is not really great and it makes me feel like all of my life lines have been cut off. When I want to have coffee with my friends from Stansted Escorts from, he wants me to come home with an hour or so. That just does not work and I feel that I need to have more time to myself. But of course, that is not the only problem.


We have no sex life at all, and that is something that really frustrates me. When we first got together after I had left Stansted Escorts, we had a really great sex life. Of course, it goes without saying that you cannot have sex with a guy who permanently have got a catheter. I think that he can tell that I am getting really frustrated as he has offered to play with me or use a vibrator. But even the thought of that does not turn me on at all.


I do like this guy but I am not sure that I should have left Stansted Escorts for him. It is so sad that he is sick but at the end of the day, it is not really my responsibility at all. Just leaving him would make me feel even worse and I am sure that we would end up falling out. Where would I go? Well, I could stay with a friend until I go my old job back with Stansted Escort services. This relationship promised so much, but I am not sure that I should expected anything. After all, this guy is a lot older than I am and I am not sure that this age difference is ever going to work out for me. And it is not really fair on him neither.


Tory councillor exposed as tweeter bragging about penis size – Metro – Metro

Tory councillor exposed as tweeter bragging about penis size – Metro
A Tory councillor in Scotland has been exposed as an anonymous tweeter who also boasts about the size of his penis on dating sites. Alastair Majury, who was …
SNP call for disgraced Stirlingshire Tory councillor Alastair Majury …The Scottish Sun

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How to Make Magic on Your Desk with Feng shui

I left when one of my friends told me about the power of Feng shui, but I decided to give it a try anyway at my East London escorts apartment. It sounded like a fun idea, and I thought that if I started to apply the techniques on a small scale first of all, I would found out if it worked for me or not. The first place I started was my little office desk that I had bought from Ikea. If anything could change the fortune of my office desk, it would be Feng shui.

east london escorts secret romance

To be honest, I giggled to myself as I started to clean the desk. I moved all of the clutter away from the desk, and then placed the lap top back. It was during an hour’s break with East Ham escorts so I had nothing to lose. The first thing that I placed on my desk after my lap top, was a stick of bamboo. It was just one of those cheap little sticks that you buy in the supermarket, but I was hoping that it would at least have some sort of effect.

The second did was to ask one of my gents that I know well at East Ham escorts to bring me a fat little Buddha next time that he travelled to the East. He seemed to know what I was talking about right away, and said that Fengshui had worked very well for him. I could not believe it, but he really seemed to believe in it. The next time he turned up, he did turn up with a Buddha and a few Chinese coins to place as Buddha’s feet.

I also placed something red on my desk. At first it was just an old pair of frilly knickers that I used to wear at East London escorts, but eventually I bought myself a pretty red vase for the bamboo which actually seemed to be doing pretty well. According to the energy principle in Feng shui, my desk was now ready to go and I should expect to do well. I kept on smiling at that desk, but I did not change anything about it all.

A couple of weeks later, things started to change in my life. For some reason, I managed to find an apartment to buy at the right price. My business with East London escorts started to do even better and I was soon dating left right and center. I kept looking at that desk and started to wonder if it had something to do with it. Today, I am one of the busiest girls at the escort agency, and I love to look after my Feng shui investment as I call. My new place is decorated to Feng shui principles and things are going great for me. It could be that there is something to this Fenshui thing after all. I would certainly recommend that you tried it. You never know, you may just be in luck.…

Murder suspect attempts to use penis size in his defence – New Zealand Herald

Daily Star
Murder suspect attempts to use penis size in his defence
New Zealand Herald
A Florida man accused of murder has an interesting defence that a renowned pathologist is backing. Richard Henry Patterson, 65, of Margate, wants permission from a judge to show his penis to a jury so they will believe his claim that Francisca
Florida man on murder charge claims girlfriend 'choked on his penis …Daily Star

Man accused of murder asks to show penis to jury in oral-sex choking defenseSun Sentinel

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